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Hair, There and Everywhere!


There has been a veritable hairy explosion on the grid over the last week and, being the complete hair whore that I am, I’m going to share some of them with you. Basically as many as I could take pictures of before my eyes started to cross and I started weeping at the amount of lindens I spend on virtual hair…

Let’s kick off with some of my favourite long do’s. I admit to being a bum hair fangurl. Bum hair being hair that reaches your bum…obviously. It always makes me a happy bunny when really long hair is released so these styles hit my buttons.


I Remembered My Songs In The Night


If you are a fantasy lover like me, you probably passed out from excitement this weekend with all the events opening. Fantasy Faire 2014, We <3 Roleplay and The Fantasy Gacha Carnival all opened this weekend and I skipped around all three indulging in the awesomeness.

Skins were one of the things I got a bit overexcited about this weekend and I bought a lot. I mean A LOT. One of them I am showing off today because if you are a fan of mesh body parts (and I know a lot of us are) then Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel is about to be your new favourite person. She has released this drow skin for We <3 Roleplay in five different tones and has included appliers for every possible applier you could think of, including the new wowmeh mesh body AND she has promised applier updates for life just in case any new ones come out! Talk about going above and beyond.

All the other bits and bobs I’m wearing are below as always,




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