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At Your Most Beautiful


Summerfest opened last week and it was a total madhouse trying to get in but it’s calmed down a lot now so if you haven’t been yet you simply have to because there are some amazing things on offer. I thought I would share with you one of the new Glam Affair skins that is out there exclusively because..unf!


You’re So Pretty, Oh So Pretty


This round of Collabor88 is almost over which means you only have a few days left to run over and grab the awesomeness that is on offer and with summer just around the corner you might be wanting to show off some skin so now is the perfect time to grab a new one!

This is Coral from Glam Affair and it’s available in 3 tones, America, Asia and Arctic and the usual 8 brow tones as well as a no brow version, which is handy.

Collabor88 runs until the 7th June so hurry on over!




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