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Like Our Endless, Numbered Days


I know, I know, I’m blogging mental the last few days but I’m on holiday and I’ve been shopping and I appear to have got my mojo back so I’m afraid you are just going to have to deal with it until I lose it again.

Speaking of shopping, have you been to The Seasons Story yet? I wandered around there yesterday and it’s just wonderful. Sooooo many pretty things. If you haven’t been yet you really need to go, I promise you won’t be sorry. Among the things I grabbed while I was there was this hoodie from ┬áthe sugar garden which is just too adorable not to share. It comes in lots of colours and, although you can’t see it, it’s open at the front so you can wear your favourite shirt underneath. I’m wearing it with pants from BOOM which I love the cut of so much and very cute shoes which were out for Collabor88 a couple of rounds ago.

All the details along with SLURLS are below as always,




And I’m Feeling A Little Peculiar


When Collabor88 opened this month I saw the Pixel Pets from Intrigue Co. and let out an involuntary groan. I hated these things. I was obsessed with these things. I killed every single one, every single time. No matter how much I loved, played with, pet, played with, fed and generally adored those stupid things they died. I’m pretty sure I have some sort of curse because that simply can’t be normal, right?



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