This is Getting Silly Now


If you live in the UK you will be aware that currently we appear to have relocated to Alaska! It’s so cold! To take my mind of it I decided to do some mesh shopping (what? It’s a perfectly good reason to go mesh shopping! Don’t judge me!).


All My Violence Has Gone


Oh my goodness lovelies, it has been a stressful few days! I managed to get a nasty little virus on my computer that took me pretty much a whole day to get rid of. After numerous virus scans and all sorts of nifty little tricks I’m all clean again and so I’m celebrating by showing you some cute things! We are talking delicious with a capital yum!


Say Hello in Some Astral Bar


On many occasions it has been suggested to me that maybe pink isn’t the best colour in the entire universe. I will admit I was shocked at the very suggestion but I did consider it….then I realised it was complete and utter nonsense and rejoiced in all things pink by throwing on the nearest pink item I could find and partying somewhere so pink it looked like a flamingo threw up.


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