Oh, Sylvia!


I am so excited to give you a sneak peak of this skin today. Not only is it a gorgeous new skin from Glam Affair but it’s something a little different I think you are going to love!

Let’s start with the easy stuff. This is the basic skin with no make up, no layers, brows on the skin. Pretty isn’t she? But wait…this isn’t all you get…oh hell no!

If we strip the skin down to it’s bare essentials we get this. And this is where the fun starts.

I know what you’re thinking. “Ummm Magenta, there’s no brows?” and you are right. That’s because we are getting a choice!

Yup, you heard me. There is a choice of 4 different brow options on tattoo layers so you can have thin, thick, full or very perfectly tweased. I adore this idea because there is nothing worse than falling in love with a skin but just not being totally happy with the brows. This way, you get to decide!

Now we’ve picked brows (for today anyway) how do you feel about cheeks?

Again, there are 4 different cheek options and you may need to click through to the larger image in flickr to get a closer look. Again, these are all on tattoo layers so you can mix and match.

We’ve got brows and cheeks covered…let’s pick a nose!

Aida has been including nose options with her skins for a while now and I really like having a choice. Again, all on tattoo layers so you can completely customise how you look in this skin.

What’s left? We should probably cover lips, right?

Along with the standard lip I’ve been wearing in all the pictures so far, there are 3 additional natural lips on tattoo layers for you to chose from but the lip options don’t end there, oh not even close!

For each different lip option, there are 8 lipsticks available.

So you can match your lipstick to your lip style of choice.

Annnnd we’re done. Phew!

Syliva is coming soon to Collabor88!



Skin: Glam Affair – Sylvia – America *Only available at Collabor88*

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lisa Mesh Hair – Rye *Only available at faMESHed*

Ears: Schadenfreude Changeling Ear

Eyes: Dead Apples – Mesh – Twinkle Eyes V3 – Cold

Lashes: Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes








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