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I Wanna See You Be Brave


When I had the idea for this picture originally it was going to be with a guy so I was trying to think who I could persuade to come and sit for ages while I tell them what to wear and where to sit and I was pretty sure I was going to have to shout out on plurk for a manprop but then I thought how my friend Vaki is always telling me girls are perfectly acceptable romantic partners for pictures too….so this post is dedicated to Vaki in the hopes of satisfying her. For now anyway.

Collabor88 has been open for a few weeks now so I should imagine the sim won’t actually be full constantly any more so shopping should be a breeze and you HAVE to go this month because so much yummy!

I gushed over my love of rockabilly in my last post and I managed to share with you loads of the clothes on offer this round so this time I thought I would show off some of the home ware available because who doesn’t love pastel covered goodies!

The Loft has a gorgeous kitchen set out which includes tables and chairs and place settings and microwaves and other very cute items you are going to need to complete your 50’s kitchen. I’m also in love with this milkshake machine from Flowey which dispenses wearable milkshakes.

A big thank you to Maci Restless for coming to my aid, letting me hit on her and for looking adorable while she did it.

All our bits and bobs are below,




Underneath This Adolescent Sky


One of my most favourite things at The Arcade this round was the dollhouse gacha from PILOT. It’s the only machine I actually played until I got the whole set, although I wasn’t quite lucky enough to get the Princess house, I had to trade for it (thank you again, Eve!). I joked around that I actually wanted to resize the house and live in it…I was honestly just joking…well…mostly…