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Hair, There and Everywhere!


There has been a veritable hairy explosion on the grid over the last week and, being the complete hair whore that I am, I’m going to share some of them with you. Basically as many as I could take pictures of before my eyes started to cross and I started weeping at the amount of lindens I spend on virtual hair…

Let’s kick off with some of my favourite long do’s. I admit to being a bum hair fangurl. Bum hair being hair that reaches your bum…obviously. It always makes me a happy bunny when really long hair is released so these styles hit my buttons.


Who The F*** is Alice?

Ohai! Today I’m sharing one of my favourite hair makers with you. Not just because the hairs are cute as hell but like, 75% because they are the most fun hairs in SL to play with. Alice Project has a unique HUD system that allows you to customise to a ridiculous degree and in a cookie cutter world where everyone and their mother has the same exact item that you do, customisation is everything! (more…)

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