January 26th 2013 archive

Nobody Does it Better


So, my friend Winter Jefferson did this blog post and even though it’s totally awesome, I was all “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no” because nobody, and I mean nobody (even a well dressed glampire) out unicorns me. It just doesn’t happen. It should be a law. Or at least in the Second Life TOS. Something like…


8.1 You agree to never ever, in your whole pixel life, try and out unicorn Magenta because like, it’s just not going to happen. Like, ever.

Or something to that effect. And if you do you get pelted with olives and newts. Dead ones of course. Otherwise it’s just cruel (to the newts, not the person being pelted. They deserve it).

Anyway, I digress. In the spirit of not being out unicorned I headed to the Marketplace to try and find something even more awesome than horns that spew cupcakes and stuff. A difficult task but one I thought I was up to. Eventually I came across an awesome mesh unicorn and after squeeing like an idiot on plurk about it I bought it and prepared to get all awesome and horny (as in, wearing an actual horn, perv) but alas, I was to be disappointed because what I had actually purchased was a modkit for a mesh horse avatar. Sadness ensued until along came Super Pho (or Photos Nikolaidis to you guys who aren’t aware of his super hero status) who sent me the proper full avatar so I could use my modkit (huzzah!). After freaking out at how awesome I looked and making all my friends tp me so I could say “DUDE I’M A FREAKING UNICORN” I headed over to a pretty forest (cos that’s where the cool unicorns hang out) to take some pictures.