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It’s A Guy Thing


So I decided I’ve been neglecting the guys for a while and it was about time for another post with things for both him and her (mostly him though).

It all started with this new hair from :GAUGED: which I adore. The hat is just amazing and is texture change (yay) with and without the logo. It comes in colour packs with 5 colours in each pack for L$250. The pants are from RONSEM* and I love a good pair of cargos. I’m gonna be honest, they do show a little butt cleavage on me…not sure if they will on the guys but you have been warned! Shoes are my go-to PornStar sneakers which are still awesome no matter how old they are. The tank just made me giggle so I threw it on but be warned, there is a small patch on the back that hasn’t been cut out correctly which means there is what looks like a shadow on your left shoulder blade.


Hair: :GAUGED: Ash – Platinum plus
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= Lick Pussy Like a Circus Freak Tank 3
Pants: RONSEM* Cargo Pants / burgundy
Shoes: PornStar Hi-Tops MultiColor v2 (base)
Skin: Lara Hurley-Leah natural gloss/Pale

All poses from [.:exposeur:.]



I have the best friends, have I ever mentioned that? Well I do. No sooner had I seen the shoes I’m about to gush about and plurked that I needed them more than air, than Aeon, creator of no. 07 surprised me with a fatpack….*sigh*.

So here they are, the new offerings from PixelMode and I am in shoe love. The textures are gorgeous, the prims are to die for and there is a HUD included with about 19,765 nail polish options. I have to admit I did have a little trouble skin matching the feet but a handy guide is included with the settings for almost all the most well known skins out there so I think I was just making it harder than it needed to be.


Shoes: [PM] Lady T : Gloss : in Royal Purple, White, Red and Coco
Skin: :GP: Petal [Dark] Ice Queen-Pure 2

Chair: {what next} Butterfly Chair Photography Prop

Stumbled Upon


Yesterday was one of those days when I put an outfit on and decided it was cute enough to blog. Usually I actually have to decide to blog and make something but stumbling into an outfit is always fun!

The top is actually a dress and one of my favourite pieces from So Many Styles but it’s kinda short and I wasn’t in a leg baring mood (not like me, I know, maybe tomorrow) so I threw on some carpri’s from ce_cubic_effect which is one of my favourite all time stores….eva. The shoes are ohsocute flats from *G Field* and I look for any excuse to wear these socks from Maitreya because I love socks in RL so I love them in SL too. Necklace is also from So Many Styles and it’s one of those items I love but always seem to forget I have so I’m always excited when I find it again although it’s no mod which is a bit of a pain but oh well, can’t have everything. Glasses are from *Fishy Strawberry* and hair is the very cute Tatum from TRUTH which has the hat attached, yay for attached hat hair! Did I leave anything out? If I did, it’s below.


Top/Dress:{SMS} Asy Tunic Grey
Pants: Ce Cubic effect – Suede pants(Black)
Shoes: *GF* Flat Shoes “Little Diva”
Socks: Maitreya Scrunched PrimSocks
Hair: >TRUTH< Tatum – mirage
Skin: Lara Hurley-Aimee nude lips/Pale
Necklace: {SMS} Treble Clef Necklace Silver
Ring: [ skream! ] – Menage a Trois Ring
Glasses: *Fishy Strawberry* College Glasses

Something Fishy Going On


I love The Dressing Room, I just think it’s a great idea. I always get excited when the new collection comes out each week and this week I about squee’d when I saw the item from *Fishy Strawberry*.

The pants on this are just so cute and also give me an excellent reason to wear my scrummy new Maitreya boots which I know have been blogged to death but I don’t care, they make me happy in the pants. The rings are from Needful Things and come in both this version and a black version. Hair is the new release this week from TRUTH and yeah, the hairballs make me smile. I’m also wearing my :GAUGED: ears to death because they are my new favourite thing.


Pants & Sweater: *Fishy Strawberry* Traveller Outfit

Only available at The Dressing Room

Boots: Maitreya Gold Shearling Boots
Rings: ::LEO-NT:: I <3 NATURE Rings [wooden]
Hair: >TRUTH< Yolanda 2 – carob
Skin: Lara Hurley-Aimee brown lips/Pale
Ears: :GAUGED: Elf Ears [Stretchers]

no.07 is so CHIC


A bit more from the CHIC Limited event for you today ‘cos I’m in love with so many things!

I adore these pants from no.07. They are actually guy pants but pfft, as if that’s going to stop me (although I did promise Aeon I wouldn’t wear the booster). These are the Sweet version but the Sour ones are just as cute. These are only available at the CHIC Limited event which opens today so RUN! I decided to go a little but naughty with the top ( I think being a SLuicide Girl is starting to invade this blog too!) and I love this tank from Cynful. I love this messy do from TRUTH and I slapped on some scary girl jewellery and voila!


Pants: no.07 :: Sweet Pants

Only available at CHIC Limted

Top: [ Cynful ] Vogue – Black Sheer – Normal with Garter
Shoes: TIK TOK/ Natural Beauty Old ballerina shoe
Necklace: – .HoD. – Fallen
Bracelet: :Fusion: Dagger and Skull Bracelet
Piercing: ThE LoNdOn LoOk – LoveMyLips – Mouth
Hair: >TRUTH< Mariska – oasis
Skin: Lara Hurley-Aimee smokey3-red lips/Pale
Ears: :GAUGED: Elf Ear [L] [Stretcher 3]

ChicSneakPeek…ooo that rhymed!


So guess who was lucky enough to be chosen to get early access to CHIC Managements newest project? Oh yeah baby…yours truly! CHIC have organised a new monthly event where 30 designers will take part offering one item for a limited period and this cycle begins on January 15th at 3pm slt. I like this idea for two reasons. Firstly the items are not going to be discounted, they will be priced fairly to both designers and shoppers and secondly there will be a minimum of 20 new designers each month…so something different every time!

Anyway, on with the clothes!

This is the outfit from Orion who I admit is a new store to me but oooooo love it! The whole outfit is available including boots and I think it’s just too cute for words. Well not all words obviously, or this would be a very short post! Anyway, I like the shading on the leggings and the boots are nicely textured. The skin is from Grixdale and comes in 4 options, with and without the paint and with and without freckles. I love the lips on this skin, they make me want to pout in a sexy diva type way. Hair is from 69 and one of my very favourites and ears are the brand spanking release from GAUGED which are also available in human version…(yawn).


Outfit: Orion (doesn’t seem to have a name!)
Skin: Grixdale – Emery – Caramel- Caustic

Both available at CHIC Limited Venue from January 15th at 3pm SLT.

Hair: [ 69 ] MIMI 01 – Light Mocha
Ears: :GAUGED: Elf Ear [Stretcher 3]