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I Adore Bottle Bird

So, I have 2 amazing friends on Plurk who are just awesome in lots of ways. Today I found out they are also talented! (I was just keeping them around before ‘cos they make me snort).

Now, I should point out, a lot of the time I am shoeless in SL. Mainly because finding shoes to match each outfit is just too much of a pain and also because good shoes are usually a huge price and I have more important things to spend my lindens on…..like hair and skin!

Anyway, I digress. I was in the mood to shop today and I had lindens burning a whole in my prim pockets to I wandered over to Bottle Bird.


Hello my lovelies!

Today we are going to have fun with tattoo layers. I am addicted to wearing as many tattoo layers as I can manage to squeeze onto my little pixel face so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites.

Know why I love tattoo layers? Because it means, even though you are wearing a skin half the female population of the grid are also wearing, you can still make it look different and more essentially “you”. I was so tired of finding a skin where I loved the lips but the eyes weren’t smokey enough. Or the eyes were perfect but the lips were a random shade of puce. Tattoo layers and more specifically multiple layers (which currently are only available in the official 2.1 viewer) are a godsend for me and I love creating different looks.

Pure and Simple

Yes I know, I suck big time at blogging regularly…but I make up for it when I do right? 😀

I love !_Cubic effect to a near obsessive level. Walking around their store would give you a pretty good idea of everything in my inventory. They were the first store I was aware of that made really good quality sculpted clothing and the quality has never gone down. My only problem is that they don’t release enough! Anyway, while I was bored I decided to wander over and see if they had anything new and SCORE! Sexy, cute and classic tops with that little touch of something special.

Check out the yummy-with-a-spoon off the shoulder strap. I love this. It makes it a little bit more of an “ooo” item. I define these by if I would go “ooooo” and then immediately hit inspect if I saw someone else wearing it. It also comes with two top versions, this one which is a little low cute and one with the prim going straight across the bewbies and two bottom versions, one with a gather on the rouched section and one without. I’m all about the options in clothing items.

Trousers (or pants – I don’t mind translating for the US folks out there :D) are from Fusemelon and are just awesome. I love linen in real life and the texture and shading on these is great! I great addition to my collection of basics for any occassion.

My wristwear today is pretty much a must have from CREAMSHOP. It is so versitile and pretty. I love flowers in my outfits and this is just cuteness in prims.

To finish I’ve added these pretty little pumps from *LOTTA. I love *LOTTA shoes and these also come with colour change piping and bows.

Skin is the newly released Nellie from LAQ. This is definately my favourite skin of theirs to day. Usually I find they look very young but I think this one looks a little more mature without seeming old.

Every few weeks TRUTH releases a new hair I claim is my favourite and I will never take off but I’m totally not taking this one off…….ever! This is Estelle in Mirage….YUM!

Anyway lovelies, I’m off to prance around looking pure and innocent….for a while anyway.


Top: !_Cubic effect  Sheer knit(off white)
Bottom: *FM* Linen Button Pants Cloud
Bracelet: CREAMSHOP lily bangle (white)
Shoes: *LOTTA _Dorothy (white)
Skin: LAQ ~ Nellie 03 [Fair] Glow skin
Hair: >TRUTH< Estelle – mirage
Ears: AITUI – (Type 2) Stretched Ear – Sorrow

All poses from {.:exposeur:.}