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I wanna be a cowboy, baby…

Hello there gorgeous people!

I know, I know, I am in blogging frenzy this week! Two whole posts! Try to contain your excitement….

Ever find the cutest piece of pixel clothing and then get totally carried away making an outfit to go with it? Welcome to my world today. I picked up the cutest blouse and then find boots and then got a hat….and well, you can see where I’m going with this.

The Blouse, boots and hat are all from this super cute little store called *G Field*. I love off the shoulder tops in SL, I even have a whole folder just for them in my inventory (to be honest, I have folders for just about everything but now is not the time to get into my OCD issues with inventories in SL) and this one is just so sweet. The prim work is fantastic and there is an option to have the body showing or hidden with a menu, which is handy. I love how it”s light and airy and summery and pretty. It comes in floral versions like this but also plain ones and a floral print with much brighter and larger flower print….all gorgeous.

The shorts are from *Fishy Strawberry* and were one of the FLF items from a few months ago. I LOVE *Fishy Strawberry*. I have loved it from the time it was just a teeny store with obnoxiously bright leggings and t shirts in and I will love it forever. Their shorts are one of my favourite denim shorts at the moment and they come with scripted and non scripted prim belts as well. 
These boots are just scrummy. The tassels are flexi, the textures are just to die for and they also come 2.0 compatible with an alpha layer….yay! They come in a variety of colours and are only $180L…..no, I didn’t make a mistake there $180L…..can you say OMGWTFBBQ! These are the camel tone and I just adore them. I couldn’t go cowboy without a hat and generally I am not a fan of hats without hair attached because they are usually always too huge and then you have to shrink them and edit hair to go with it and just bleh…I am way too lazy for that. This one though was surprising. It has a demo which is always a winner with me and it sits nicely on the head AND has about 6 gazillion colour and texture options in the menu AND is easily modded to fit with no hair editing…woot! There is also a very sweet version with a flower on as well.
Hair today is from TRUTH, naturally, and skin is the newest release from Laqroki, Mima and my little chamomile is from The Golden Fleece.
I’m off to find some cows and ummm…….well do whatever cowboys do to them…
Blouse: *G Field* *GF* Off-shoulder Chiffon Tops -flower/beige-
Shorts: *Fishy Strawberry* Billy Denim Shorts – Washed Blue
Boots: *G Field* Short Western Boots[ver1.1] -camel-
Hat: *G Field* Straw Ten-gallon Hat -Basic-
Skin: LAQ – Mima 02 [Fair]
Hair: >TRUTH< BoHo 2 – champagne
Bracelet: EarthStones Twisted & Stoned Bracelet – Labradorite & Moonstone
Mouth Accessory: The Golden Fleece Chamomile

Hello Sweetheart..

Well hello there my pixelated yumyums,

It’s about that time where I am going to subject you to my ramblings broken up here and there with some pictures of clothes and stuffs…”Oh Joy!” I hear you cry!

Today I am going for something simply yet stylish…and lets throw a sexy in there as well, why not.

I LOVE polkadots, they give me a happy in the pants and I love pink, obviously…lets chuck the two together and we have polkadotted awesomeness! This cuuuuute top today is from *MNA*.

I am useless at unpacking and only just got around to opening the bazillions of boxes (it was like Christmas in my prim kitchen, srsly) and OMG cuteness! The detailing and shading on this top is just fantastic and it comes in about three thousand colours (ok, I may be exaggerating a little but there are a lot!). It’s called the Sweetheart Corset….my title is sooo imaginative now huh?

These jeans are just adorable. They come in various different colours, all with sculpted prim cuffs. These are the black versions and may possibly be my new favourite pair of black jeans (they also show odd a nice little bit of bum cleavage and I know how you all love a lil bit of bum cleavage).

I needed something chunky for accessories today so I went with this beautifully detailed cuff from MANDALA. A few of you may remember I only just discovered this store (yes, I am still ashamed) and this was one of the many purchases I made. It comes with a  left and right version and with and without nails….nice haul in the folder, I feel satisfied.

This past week saw the release of the new Laqroki skin and, along with every other girl on the grid, I skipped on over to try and demo and oooooooooo. It was love at first sight…it’s just so yummy I want to lick my own face. Personally, I had to widen the eyes a little on my shape to make it prefect but otherwise, a winner all round.

I’m generally not a fan of Exile hair. Personal choice, I’m not a fan of their prim work or textures usually, even though they look lovely on other people. This week however plurk has been filled with shots of prettiness with this hair so I bounced on over (yes, my ao bounces, don’t judge) to try and demo and yay! Love it! I like hot its swept off the face but has these cute lil wispy curly bits. This is the champagne tone and I know not everyone is a fan of the dark brows/blonde hair look but I always think it looks kinda striking.
Anyway, I’m sure if you didn’t nod off by the time we got to the bracelet you will have now so I will leave you with the details and bounce off to find some mischief.
Bracelet: *[MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle/Buddha Black
Earrings: *BOOM* Skinny Plastic Door Knockers- Shine
Shoes: #OC# Mercy-Black 
Hair: Exile Caprice/champagne
Skin: LAQ – Mima 02 [Fair] Glow Skin

All poses are from {.:exposeur:.}

White Hot

Hello my sexy lil lovelies,

Two blogs in one weekend? Omg, you are all so spoiled! If I’m not careful you won’t be able to live without me 😉 So today I have some more summer goodies for you. I admit I succumb to the weirdness of dressing with the seasons in SL…odd but true so there may be some more summer yumminess in the near future.

Anyway, it all started from the gorgeous new skirts from [ Cynful ]. I know, I know, they have been out for a while now but who wants to blog something in the first week when everyone is doing it? Plus, I needed to find just the right thing to wear with it.

Now, I am a lover of long skirts in SL and as such, I am used to editing to fit but I am going to admit, these took longer than usual to get just right. For a start there are 3 prims to the skirt part: 1 on each leg and the usual pelvis prim. Also, I found the prim on the left leg was attached in a totally different place then the one on the right…annoying. Once I got that sorted it was just a matter of the usual shrinking to fit. The skirt also comes with 3 different length options which is handy AND a patterned and none patterned version so, even though they appear a little pricey you are actually getting 2 skirts (or 6 if you count all the different lengths…lets count them, its more fun).

I LOVE the new bikini’s from *Linc*. I am such a kini whore so I just about broke a pixel leg getting over there to snatch the new ones. *Linc* textures are always so cute and this design is just full of squee.

This shirt is from Sweetest Goodbye and I think I may have actually squealed out loud in the store when I saw it. It comes with 2 different bra’s but I decided to team it up with my bikini’o’yumminess. The sculpt work from Sweetest Goodbye is always awesome and the designs are sooo sexy. Perfect for looking cute but rawr!

Accessories today are from MANDALA. I only just discovered this place and yes, I know, I suck. Anyway, lets not dwell on my uselessness as a fashionista and instead we can all drool over these bracelets……*sigh*

Hair today is from Truth, of course, and is my absolute new fave hair in the whole of the prim world. I love the new wavy/curly/bedhead styles Truth has been releasing lately and this is just to die for.

Skin is Taylor from league, which is my new default skin (sorry Belleza) and this is Nude Pink which is nice and natural and makes a change from my “take me bed” smoky eyes that I’m so fond of. I am praying and hoping a whole line of this for blonde hair will be released but, apart from the one at the Harajukubox Skin Fair this weekend, it seems there wont be one…*sad face*

Well, I think that’s about it for today, I’m off to watch Holland beat Spain…


Skirt: [ Cynful ] Fluffyness Skirt – White
Bikini: *Linc* Ibiza Bikini Tartan
Shirt: [SG*] highway Star – White
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Shooting Star
Hair: >TRUTH< Roxana Streaked – cranberry (with dark red streaks)
Skin: *League* Taylor Medium -NudePink-
Bracelets: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/white

Exposeur yourself!

Like my witty title? Huh? Huh? Did ya?? Ok I admit, not that witty but it’s very late in Magenta world and any title was gonna look good to me.

Aaaaaanyway…I have a question for you all my lovely little jellybeans, have you heard of a pose store called {.:exposeur:.}? You have?!?! Thats amazing and I love you all a lil bit more (the ones of you that said no, be ashamed!).
{.:exposeur:.} is the creation of my amazing and awesome (if somewhat terrifying) friend Rubystarlight Writer. Her poses are unique and interesting and they are the poses I always find myself coming back to when I am doing any photography work because…..well because I think they may be the best out there.
These are her two latest releases, Pew Pew and High Fashion. Are you seeing how cute these are??


She also makes original and innovative pose props that I am amazed don’t get more attention. Her Noir staircase prop is to die for.
So, the main reason for this post is because {.:exposeur:.} is currently having a $100L sale on ALL FAT PACKS AND COUPLES POSES. Did you hear that? ALL FAT PACKS which means even the two new releases! AND (and yes there is an and) pose props are 50% off!! You’re excited, I can tell.
The reason for this sale is explained on Ruby’s blog here. I won’t go into all the details as you can read them in full there but trust me, if anyone deserved some of your lindens at the moment, it’s her. She is tireless in her efforts to make outstanding products for the SL community and in times of need, I really feel we should all try and help out as much as we can.
If you have time this weekend then please go on over there and splash around some lindens. Not only will you be getting some amazing poses and prop type stuff for a ridiculously low price but you will be doing a awesome thing for an awesome lady which will give you the warm and fuzzies…I guarantee it.
taxi to {.:exposeur:.}!!
Also, if you cant find time to get in world or (fingers crossed) the sim is too full or laggy then you can still get your dose of warm and fuzzy feelings by purchasing on XStreet.