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Squares and Sparklies

Well hello there my lil bundles of loveliness, how are you all today?

Today we are going to explore the wonders of sparkles! I am a sparkle whore. If you are the one regular reader then you will be aware I have long been locked in a passionate and steamy embrace with anything slightly shiny and yummy. So when I clapped my pixel eyes on the new offerings from DYN I dashed over there on my pixel heels and went a little nuts.

Rawr! I luuuuuuuurve this hoody and the cute lil capri’s are just squee worthy. They both come in a range of colours to die for (although the capri’s all have silver sequined parts). I am also utterly in love with the pink hoody with black sequined tube top.

The seaming and detailing on the capri’s is just to die for and although I didn’t manage to get it in the picture the butt pockets are also covered in sequinned goodness.

Accessories today is the new soon-to-be-released Squarish set from *SiSSi*. I only discovered this store a few months ago but I think I now own pretty much the whole place. These are just as eye catching as the other offerings at her store and come in a light and dark version (this is the light).

Shoes today are oldies but goodies, Viviani heels from Armidi. Although the Armidi gods seem to have foresaken us the quality of what they have released still doesn’t show dating and these are one of my all time favourite items of footwear.

Skin is the newly released Elle from -Belleza-. I had to admit when I first tried it I wasn’t sure it was really *me* but the more the wear it, the more I love it. NB. The beauty mark is NOT on the skin. It’s a tattoo layer created by Fianna Idora of E3D.

Hair is the uber cute Gaga two from Magika. I just love this bow!

Well I’m about done for now, I’m gonna take my sequined butt dancing! Toodles!

Accessories: *SiSSi* Squarish – Light
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Viviani Heel – Silver
Hair: Magika Gaga Two – Black A
Skin: -Belleza- Elle Dark Med 12

Poses are from AE and [:.exposeur.:]

Kini’s, Sparkles and Ladybugs

I admit, I like to show some flesh in sl….well, pixel flesh at least. What’s the point of working on a shape for hours, buying a stunning skin and then covering everything up?! Ok, ok I realise I am starting to sound like a bit of a skank but as I’m talking about Bikini’s and it’s nearly summer then it’s ok…or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

I got this fatpack of ‘kini’s dropped on me from !Nayar and wow….I am in ‘kini heaven! These are beautifully made and full of summer yumminess. So often ‘kini’s in sl seem to be rushed over, with blurred edges and badly drawn strings but these have crisp clear edges and OMG..wait for the bows!

I love the fact there is underwiring on these, I don’t know why, a little quirk I just think makes them seem a little more real and thank goodness they aren’t those ‘kini’s you see that seem to just scream “I’d rather be wearing nothing but this is the next best thing”.

Check out the bows……..you didn’t look long enough………keep looking……ok there…how cute are they?! If they aren’t making you hit the SLURL at the bottom of the page then nothing will! Gorgeous sculpting on these and the texturing isn’t blurry or have that weird “pulled” look some textures seem to get when they are put on sculpties.

They come in various different patterns and ooooooo glitter! You all know how I love glitter and these deliver on the sparkles in spades!


I’m also showing off my new -Belleza- Elle skin in these pictures as well. I admit, I think I may still love Alyson more but these are really stunning and have a little bit more of a “grown up” look about them. I highly recommend you try the demo’s when the lag over there subsides.


Accessories on these are fabulous glasses from Sand Shack Surf Co., Epoque (they are actually from when it was Vintage Wear so I’m afraid I don’t think they are still available although I know Vintage McMillan is re-doing all her old creations so some form of these may be available) and ETD.


Well I’m off to build sandcastles and go paddling……toodles for now lovelies!

Picture 1

Bikini: !Nayar – Katey-Kini [Blue Plaid]

Sunglasses: Sand Shack Surf Co. – Heart Lens Aviators – Brown

Hair: fri.day – Marie – Happy Blonde

Skin: -Belleza- -Belleza- Elle Dark Med 5 (cleavage)

Bracelet: Earthstones – Twisted & Stoned Bracelet


Picture 2

Bikini: !Nayar – Katey-Kini [Ladybug]

Sunglasses: Epoque – Socialite Shades – Tortoise II – Ruby Lens

Hair: fri.day – Marie – Happy Blonde

Skin: -Belleza- -Belleza- Elle Dark Med 5 (cleavage)


Picture 3

Bikini: !Nayar – Katey-Kini [Silver Sparkles] 

Sunglasses: ETD – Chic Aviators (Black Frames)

Hair: >TRUTH< – Mena – espresso

Skin: -Belleza- -Belleza- Elle Dark Med 5 (cleavage)

All poses are from AE.

Welcome Home Baby…

Hello my lovelies!

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger..I know..I suck…but I’m hoping todays scrumptious offerings will help you on the path to forgiveness.

I’m going to tell you a little story…once upon a time a beautiful princess (hey, its my story, I can be a princess if I want to be) got given a gift. In this gift was a shirt made of beautifully sculpted prims. The Princess fell in love at first rez and swore that this love would last forever. Lets fast forward a hundred years (or maybe just a few months but it sure felt like a hundred years) and finally the object of her affection released some new goodies.

!_Ce cubic effect has always been at the top of my list of quality places to shop. They appeared around the time that sculpted prims stopped being big blobs and actually became wearable and boy, did they make them wearable!

Newly released are some stunning shirts and I’m going to be drooling over one today. This is the H7 shirt in white and oh my. This may replace my Mr Poet shirt as the all time favourite mix and match item in my inventory. I am a sucker for anything off the shoulder and as usual this is sculpted perfectly. I admit the sleeves did come a little big but after a few seconds of editing they were fine and the main shirt prim comes in 3 sizes and I only needed to stretch the small size a tiny amount to make it fit.

The shading on this in the creases is just superb. It really gives the impression of being thrown on. I must warn the more demure ladies amongst you though that I did try it in two skins and both showed a small amount of nipple. I teamed it up with my very favourite item of lingerie to deal with that, the Lingerie #1 bra in black from [Detour]. I wish their releases came out closer together because I do love the things they produce. The panties that match this bra are also pure yumminess.

Accessories today are these stunning earrings from pc; and this oversize piece of bling from Sn@tch. Both are foundations of my accessories folder and pretty much give any outfit a little bit of elegance. Sadly, and I hate doing this so I apologise in advance, I don’t think the earrings are available anymore but there are always gorgeous items on offer at Paper couture so go visit anyway.

Hair is from >TRUTH< because I am addicted, shoes are Maitreya and these fantastic pin stripe wonders are from Mischief.

Well, I’m about done for now, hope you found at least one thing you are going to run out and buy today…


Shirt: !_Ce cubic effect Shirt_H7 in White
Bottoms: **Mis** Pins Flare – Snow
Shoes: Maitreya – Enchant Black
Earrings pc; – Diamond Circle Drop Earrings
Ring: :::Sn@tch::: Black Dhalia Ring
Hair: >TRUTH< Zarra and Mela both in Latte
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Mes 3 (cleavage)
Nails: :: Exodi :: Manipedis – Mani – Black

All poses are from {.:exposeur:.}