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Be a rose which gives fragrance even to those who crush it.

These. Are. Beautiful.

That is all.


I don’t really have anything to say about these roses other than the quality and the idea is amazing, original and stunning. They come in various different colours and they are all as beautiful as this. They are attached to various parts so they are photo and pose friendly and just…………for the first time ever I’m speechless.

Roses: AtomicBambi
Skin: Belleza

Who likes short shorts?

We like short shorts!!!!

Especially when they are this cute. Spring is here my lovelies, finally, and while the lambs bounce around like mental patients in the fields and the nauseatingly pretty flowers start to bloom, I am celebrating by throwing my heavy winter pants and sweaters in my virtual closet and pulling out some springtime yumminess.

You love these shorts already don’t you? I knew you would, I do too. They are a new line at ::EmJay:: and I am all over them like a rash. I have a weakness for plaid…I think it’s because it reminds me of Ewan McGregor and shortbread and cute scottish accents and patchwork makes me squealy because…well actually I don’t have a good reason, it just does. These cute little things are available in tons of colours and they all have gorgeous shading and detailing.

Top is from [ Cynful ] because I made the mistake today of nipping over to pick up the March dollarbie (which is also awesome) and as usual, I got carried away with spending. I’ve been a big fan of [ Cynful ] for a while now. The shadows and textures she uses are gorgeous although I will say it’s not a place to go if you are on a budget.

I rarely, if ever wear shoes in SL and if I do they are generally flats. Don’t ask me why, I don’t have a good answer but I think it may be to do with my inner bohemian screaming to be let lose somewhere where pebbles and glass aren’t the issue they are in real life. I do however, adore these sandles. These are Anne Marie by LOTTA again, come in a massive range of colours. These are the white versions…never would have guessed that would ya? 😀

Skin today is the new line from ::Exodi::. I don’t know about anyone else but I have been dying for these skins to come out so I was almost wetting myself in anticipation last week when Ryker Beck finally released them. This is Stephanie 6 in Watler and can we just take a moment to appreciate those lips?…….ok that’s long enough. Lashes are also ::Exodi:: and are my new faves. I should point out here that the beauty mark isn’t on the skins and is a tattoo done by the very talented Fianna Idora of E3D.

These super-amazing-cuteness in a prim earrings are the new offerings from [ skeam! ]. You may have noticed in recent blog posts I tend to get a little fan girl over [ skream! ] accessories so I will do my best to keep my drooling to a minimum this time but oooo I so love them!

And if you are loving this pose (and who wouldn’t) then off you skip to {.: exposeur :.} to pick this up!

I think thats about it for now, if you made it this far listening to my rambling then I am impressed and you can have a cookie.


Hair: Magika Neat – Black B
Skin: ::Exodi:: Stephanie 6 – Watler
Top: [ Cynful ] Sinful Shorties  Navy Blue
Shorts: ::EmJay:: Patchwork Shorts – Light Blue
Shoes: LOTTA Anne Marie White
Earrings: [ skeam! ] “love me” earrings
Pose: {.: exposeur :.} The Hotties Series – Magenta

Going Commando is so last year…


Yup, today I am blogging one of my favourite and yet most useless SL items of clothing….pants! (or panties if you are american ‘cos you might now be expecting a blog on trousers…sorry!)

So Kaz Nayar of !Nayar is one of my awesome Plurk buddies and he dropped a fatpack of panties on me. Not literally obviously…cos ouch! No one needs bruises by panties, how would you explain the shape of the bruises?…anyway I digress, lets get back to the important stuff.

I love underwear and lingerie in Second Life. Even though no one but a significant other or random people at an underwear event will ever see it, I still get all squeaky when I see a nice pair of frilly panties so I was very fangirl over these cos they are awesome and there are loads of colours and options!

Just stop for a moment and appreciate the epic cuteness of cupcake panties………………..done? no? ok a bit longer………………………… ok stop now, you’re getting pervy. These are just so yummy. The shading and texturing is really good and the detail isn’t lost in the pattern as sometimes happens on small items that use patterned textures. These are the Cupcake panties from the Yummy Pack. There are 7 packs each with 3 different patterns and each comes in a pants and underwear layer…phew! Can you say options?!

I picked four of my faves above to show off. Top left is Good Times Pack [Paris] Pants, top right is Rocker Babe Pack [Skully] Pants, bottom left is Basic Pack [Red] Pants and bottom right (my uber “never ever taking them off” faves) is Wild Pack [Cheetah] Pants. Aren’t they gorgeous?

All the other options are here……yum yum yum.

Right, other basics cos I know you are all waiting for skin and hair details really. Skin is Fiona from Free Speerit which, in my humble opinion is the best black skin on the grid. It’s simply beautiful. Hair is from Detour and ooooo I love these curls. Other bits are below as usual.

Well, I’m off to wander around in my leopard skin panties and see what trouble I can get into,


Panties: !Nayar Panties – Various
Top: Luck inc. Lacestrip – White
Skin: Free Speerit FS Skin – Fiona (Natural)
Hair: [Detour] Storm A – Dark Brown – Hair
Bracelet: U&R Dogs :+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet