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Get This Party Started

I’m not one for parties in Second Life. It’s not that I don’t like them, I do but my computer doesn’t. Unless I have my cam aimed at the floor the lag I suffer is almost impossible to manage. On the other hand I do love any excuse to find the perfect party outfit so when I got an invitation for the Plurk Party this weekend I was off scrambling through my inventory in a shot.

After at least..ooo…let me think…20 seconds, I decided I needed to shop. What?! 20 seconds is plenty of time to decide I had nothing in my almost 30,000 item inventory that was suitable….

Three hours later I returned with the most perfect, most stylish, most breathtaking, amazing and awesome outfit the grid has ever seen. Tales would be told of how superb and fabulous this ensemble was. It would be talked about in hushed whispers whenever an event was held. Then I put it on, decided it sucked ass and went with something I’ve had in my inventory for years…

I love this dress like only a sparkle addict could. Redgrave have always produced amazingly detailed and beautifully designed clothes in my opinion. It’s a little sad to me that people only associate them with skins now because their fashion for both men and women is stunning. I’ve had this dress for a while now and, as usual, I had forgotten all about it as I was waiting for THE perfect opportunity to wear it. 

It has these gorgeous puffy sculpted sleeves that I adore in every way possible and this cute little flexi foultard around the neck which comes in 2 or 3 options. It also has a belt and a prim skirt so it can be worn alone as a saucy little cocktail dress if you so desire. I decided to dress it down a touch for this party as it wasn’t quite going to be the  sophisticated affair of the year and wore it over these amazing new jeans from Sand Shack Surf Co. If you haven’t had the pleasure of going to this store yet I highly recommend you do. It is full to bursting with uber cuteness. These jeans are their new Belmar Skinny Jeans and I will be honest, when I first opened the folder and saw no prim cuffs I was ready to spit nails…but then I saw a sock layer. Always being one to try something new I tried them and OMG..awesomeness in a clothing layer! Socks are the new prim cuff for skinny jeans.

For shoes, I finally caved in and went over to the darkside…I bought Maitreya’s prim toed shoes. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against prim toes. I was the first of my friends to discover J’s when they only had 2 pairs of prim toed shoes and happily flashed my tootsies to the world but after everyone and their mother went mental over them and after the issues with tinting, I have steered clear for a long time. However, this outfit needed prim toes…it screamed “BUY PRIM TOES” at me over and over and who am I to resist. They also look fab with the skinny jeans.

For accessories I decided I had enough sparkle going on (I know, I know…you can never have enough sparkle really but lets pretend for the sake of my post, k?) so I went with this simple but yumminess-in-a-prim ring from Paper Couture. No more words needed…just look at it…*sigh*

Hair is a classic style from fri.day and skin today is my usual Alyson from Belleza but with a fancy make up for something a little different.

Thats about it from me lovelies..I’m off the shop for more partywear I can forget about for years.


Dress: Redgrave – 70ties Clubbing DRESS -Nude-
Jeans: Sand Shack Surf Co. – Belmar Skinny Jeans – Original Dark
Shoes: Maitreya – Gold Espirit Brown
Ring: P.C; Water over Wine Ring
Hair: fri.day – Yelena.2 – Anxious Blond
Skin: Belleza – Alyson Med 13
Ears: [ATOMIC] – Mystic Elven – Stud

Secrets, Lies and Matchmaking…..

I guess the secret is pretty much out of the bag now as it was announced at a recent plurk party so I thought I would do a little blog about why I started the SLMatchmaker on Plurk just to clear up any questions or uncertainties people may have.

(btw, if you aren’t on Plurk this post will mean nothing to you so you can skip it and I wont be offended, I swear..well, maybe a little bit but I’ll get over it…eventually..)

So, picture the scene….it’s the weekend, I’m sitting at home, on my sofa, being a serial plurker as usual and I noticed a common theme among a lot of plurks on my timeline. Wanna guess what the theme is? Go on you know you want to…well ok, I’ll help you out, crushes. Lots and lots of people plurk about their crushes..or your crushes…or their friends crushes..or just crushes in general. I admit, I am no psychiatrist but I think the reason for these is secretly because they want to know if someone has a crush on them. I admit, it’s always why I have plurked about it. Everyone wants to think there is someone out there that thinks they are awesome. Someone that smiles when they see you log on, or when they see you plurk, or someone that just smiles because you are in their world and that makes them happy and who can blame them? But imagine, what if the person you feel like that about also feels the same about you?

So, while I am sitting there looking at all these plurks about crushes an idea occured to me. I was just as shocked as you are about me having an idea but it had to happen sooner or later…law of averages and all that. Why not make a plurk account for people to tell their crushes to so if your crush also feels the same about you, you can be matched? In comes SLMatchmaker.

The idea was a simple one and I hoped was going to help people get together and be happy. Corny I know, but what can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. The problem I had was a huge amount of people were cynical about it. I can’t say I blame them really. After second secrets etc. everyone on Plurk was bound to be a little apprehensive of any plurk alt but the idea really wasn’t to cause problems or create drama. It was really a little bit of fun that might actually make one or two or maybe even three or four people smile. I think I may have actually managed that too.

To the people out there who PP’d their crush to me, don’t worry. Any records I have of your crushes has been deleted along with the account and my memory is awful. To the people who questioned why I wanted to know all their crushes, I didn’t. I just wanted to help people who crushed on each other get over that awkward moment of admitting that they like each other. I hope I managed that. (actually I know I did at least once which makes me happier than a three year old girl at a barbie convention)

I know the truth about who it was behind it will be a little disappointing to a lot of people. I think most were hoping it was going to be someone well known and hugely exciting. Sorry guys, it was only me but I think I did a good job anyway and the people who have contacted me since finding out have all been lovely and positive about it. Thanks to those people, you rock my socks.

That’s about all I can say on it really. It was a little bit of fun to brighten your day. Hope it worked.

Oh and by the way….Pssst, someone has a crush on…..

A Rose By Any Other Name

So today I was on one of my many random and unplanned window shopping trips for skins. I do this a lot. Although I really only wear 1 or 2 (or 15..) I like to demo any skins I find…I admit it, I’m a skin whore. Anyway, today found me sampling the delights of AtomicBambi and let me tell you…yummy with a spoon! Now you’re expecting a skin post aren’t you? Ha! Wrong!

While I was there I got talking to the owner and designer AtomicSparkle Skytower and she is an absolute doll as well as being cute as a bugs ear and talented as hell…I think I have a new creator crush. This dress is her latest release and if I could rez it and keep it in my house as a work of art I totally would.

In general I’m not a fan of sculpted skirts. They always kind of look like they got wet and were stuck in the freezer and froze in really odd shapes to me but this is stunning. The dress is called Rosara and this shade is Onyx. As I’m sure you guessed from the name the whole dress is rose themed and the skirt is sculpted to look like an actual rose…are you dying from cuteness overload yet? You should be!

It’s cute but understated and just so wearable for so many reasons and you just know everyone is going to be inspecting to frick out of it every time you wear it. The sculpted roses are also featured on the neck and shoulder and oooooo I can’t say enough about how hard I love it.

I went with these awesome shoes from Kookie for my feet jewellery today and they are extra awesomeness because they were a Fifty Linden Friday item a few weeks ago and cheap stuff is always more fun…am I right? The detail on these is actually gorgeous and it reminded me how much I love Kookie shoes. I can see me having to set up a weekly standing order to the owner pretty soon.


My skin today is the soon to be released (I hope!) Stephanie skin from :: Exodi ::. I cannot tell you how impatient I am for this to be released. This is the group gift called Hot Date and I am in love. Hair is from Maitreya and is called Nimue in Bistre shade. Maitreya do my favourite black shades as they don’t lose the detail in them that so many black shades do.


Well thats about it for now, I’m going to go and buy 11 more of these dresses now so I can say I got a dozen roses for Valentines Day.


Toodles lovelies!

Dress: AtomicBambi Dress – Rosara (onyx)

Shoes: Kookie Athena/  Silver

Skin: :: Exodi :: Stephanie Panacek – Hot Date

Hair: Maitreya Nimue – Bistre



I love *COCO*. end of.

Ok, well that means this blog entry is going to be very short so I should probably elaborate a little. I’ve been a fan of *COCO* for a long time now. I think the things she does with sculpties and textures is amazing. As a larger boobied AV I struggle with a lot of sculpted jackets as I think boobies sticking out of jackets looks a little odd (call me picky) but *COCO*’s jackets and sweaters are easily modified to fit without them looking completely stretched out of proportion which is always a bonus.

This week saw the release of this military style jacket and I am in love. I want to have prim babies with this jacket. It comes in four yummy shades, Black, Blue, Green and this gorgeous Red and each one has the same beautiful gold embellishments (I’m sure there is a proper impressive word for what these are called but I’ll leave you to google it).

Once I was over the wanton lust for the jacket I needed an outfit. I’m sure some sims encourage wandering around naked in nothing but a military style jacket (and a stunning one at that) but I do not hang out at those sims. Well…not on a saturday morning anyway. I decided to go with simple but classy..kinda like me. This plain white halter is from fri.day and has texturing to die for AND is free…which makes it even better and one of my all time favourite pairs of pants which are from Celestial City. Unfortunately there haven’t been many releases from Celestial City for quite some time which is a shame as they were and always will be one of my favourite shopping stops. The suede texture on these pants is so rich I wanna reach through the screen and give my AV’s legs a stroke and the prims flow into the leg of the pants undetected. My feet are looking fab and groovy in Maitreya boots in a gorgeous red shade to match the jacket.

Now onto the accessories. I’ve mentioned previously that I am a HUGE fan of [ skream! ]. I am working on buying everything she has ever made..it’s going pretty well so far. This weeks release was this necklace and just in times for Valentines day (yes, I said the V word). As usual, it’s wonderfully detailed and comes in a gorgeous red that matched the jacket perfectly and meant I had to buy it…it was destiny.

That’s all from me for now, I’m off to find a military sim that appreciates good couture….

Jacket: *COCO* MilitaryCardigan(BurnRed)
Pants: Celestial City Suede Pants Black
Halter: fri.day Basic Cami – White
Shoes: Maitreya Dune Red
Skin: Belleza Alyson Med 15
Hair: >TRUTH< Isle – Driftwood
Necklace: [ skream! ] Empty Hearts


Sparkles and Chibi Goodness

Hi! Welcome to my blog…pull up a chair…can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Cookie? Comfortable? Then let’s begin.

My name is Magenta, I’m 3 years old (or to be more precise 3 years, 1 month and 2 days – make a note, you can buy me a rezday present next year) and I am addicted to pretty prims and pixels. This addiction has been apparent to me for some time but before now I have been content enough to sit around and steal ideas from other peoples blogs (you know you all do it, don’t pretend everything you own you discovered without help!) but no more! I am unleashing my idea of what makes a good ensemble on the unsuspecting public!

I thought I would start with an outfit that combines two of my favourite things: Glitter and pink. Yes, I am the definition of a girl. I like pink. I like sparkles. I like fuzzy little dogs I can carry around in a handbag and name things like Prada and Armani but don’t panic, no fuzzy dogs in this post…I can’t guarantee future posts though….

Anyway, I digress, my outfit;

Let’s be unconventional (or conventional if you’re a mountain climber) and start at the bottom.

I picked these jeans up today from KHUSH and I had to restrain myself from setting up a shanty house around the vendor and unleashing an army of minions on anyone else who tried to buy them. In short, I love them. Liess Paine, the creator of KHUSH, has recently released a whole range of sequined items and I am full of love for them all. I have always been disappointed with sequined items in SL as they usually stretch in all the wrong places and end up looking very odd but these are beautifully textured. These jeans are the latest release and come in about 5 million different options. They are available in light and dark denim and each denim shade has 10 options of glitter available. It’s a sparkle whores dream. Ok, so that’s only 20 options but still….

The top/bra/piece of barely there fabric is also from KHUSH and is just as gorgeously sparkly as the jeans. Again, 10 different colour options are available and they are all this yummy!

Next up is accessories. I am all about the accessories. Unless I have at least 1000 prims in accessories alone, I feel naked.

I found this necklace today while I was visiting [ skream! ] (more on that later!). At the moment they have these cute little vendors set up outside and I am a sucker for cute little vendors. I’m gonna be honest with you, I don’t think I could love this necklace more if it was covered in chocolate and draped over a naked David Tennant. It is from a store called *tw. and full of chibi goodness. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want pearls with chibi angel wings on? Did you think it couldn’t get any better? Well, you were wrong ‘cos this little baby is scripted as well! It can be handily resized with a script and also has colour changable bits…it’s damn near perfect!

The bracelet is actually from Boom but created by [ skream! ] and one of my all time favourite items. I love pearls, they make me feel classy and this bracelet is just a little bit different. It’s also scripted for easy resizing and although I suck and didn’t manage a picture of it, has a little cross that just sits on the hand.

The boring basic bits now. Skin is the new Alyson from Belleza and although I hate to be a lemming and wear the same skin everyone else is, I can’t deny a good skin is a good skin and this is a good skin.  Hair is from Truth…again, I’m a lemming but man, that guy makes good hair. This is the new Lulu style and I just love the messiness of it.

Well, I guess I’m done. Did you all survive to the end? You did?! Then you can have another cookie 😀

Necklace: *tw. chibi wing pearls cloud
Bracelet: [ skream! ] *BOOM* skream pearl bracelet
Hair: TRUTH Lulu – driftwood
Skin: Belleza Alyson Med 7